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Slip, Trip & Fall Prevention Checklist

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Area Safety Check



workers wear low heel non-skid footwear



daily slip, trip & fall hazard inspections
    easy access to cleanup material and waste containers
    fluid drains are diverted from walkways



mats are placed at building and wet process area entrances
    good lighting for all interior & exterior work areas & walkways



colored strapping material is used in shipping / packing areas



no storage on stairs or near ladders



spills are cleaned up spills immediately



scrap is controlled to prevent accumulation
    walkways are at least 22 inches wide
    damaged floors are repaired
    anti-slip floor coatings used in production areas
    hand & knee rails are fastened securely
    no storage on stairs
    all drop-offs have safety rails
    floor openings are guarded by safety rails
    top access to permanent ladders are chained or barred
    top access to permanent ladders is clear of material & debris
    low platforms have adequate room for movement
Employee Training - workers are trained
    not to climb shelving
    to pre-inspect & use fall protection when working from unguarded heights
    in the proper use and type of ladders
    to immediately clean up spills
    to keep walkways and exits clear
    to keep cords and trip hazards off floors