What is the CoverageFirst mailing address?

P.O. Box 3142
Tulsa, OK 74101-3142

My state P&C license has no expiration date. What should I put in the date field?

The default date for a license with no expiration is 12/31/2099. We will check the faxed copy of your license and verify it has no expiration date on it.

How do I reach the program managers?

You will find all the necessary contact information for program managers under their individual storefronts.

Who do I contact about problems with CoverageFirst?

If you should experience any problems with CoverageFirst, please call our toll-free number 888-650-2685 and speak with one of our customer service representatives.

Who do I contact if I have trouble with any of the insurance programs or products on CoverageFirst?

Please get in touch with the program manager for that particular program.

Is my information safe on CoverageFirst?

Yes. We work diligently to ensure that our information is constantly reviewed and updated to maintain your security.

What is the CoverageFirst toll-free number?


What is the CoverageFirst fax number?


What do I do if I am not comfortable with completing the broker agreement online?

Although we encourage you to complete the agreement online, we understand that sometimes people prefer a handwritten signature. You can print out the agreement, sign it, and fax it to us.

What is the difference between registering with Coverage First, and being an approved agent or broker?

Registered Agents are those who have completed the registration process in terms of submitting their information online and signing the online agency agreement. Once you are registered, you are always registered. Approved Agents are those that are currently in full compliance with our Appointment Guidelines, which includes having provided us with proof of current Errors and Omissions insurance coverage (with limits of at least $1 million per claim) and evidence of a current P&C license.

Do I have to be approved personally, or is it my agency that needs to be approved?

It is the agency that will need to be approved by completing the broker file and broker agreement online. However, you will need to be registered personally with a login name and password.

Our office in Ohio is registered and approved. Do I need to register our office in Indiana?

It's up to you. You may list other offices in the additional locations area on the broker information page, but we will need a current resident license, and proof of E&O coverage for all offices included in the file. If you don't want to do that, you can call our call center toll free at 888-650-2685 to get any and all additional locations registered.

I sent a submission to a program at CoverageFirst and they say I need to complete a Broker kit and sign an agreement. What do I do?

First you will need to call the CoverageFirst call center at 888-650-2685, to see if your agency is registered. If not, then you will need to Obtain an Invitation Code to register.

What do I do if it will not take my license and E&O information?

Try and reenter the information using back slashes on the dates, and strictly numbers on the E&O limit. No dollar signs or commas are needed.

Can I change my login name and password, or do I have to keep the ones that were assigned to me?

Yes, you may change either. To change either your login or your password, login and select "User Management." You will be able to enter your updated email address and password from there. You can also call the CoverageFirst call center at 888-650-2685, and we will be more then happy to help you.

What do I do if I enter my login name and password, and nothing happens?

Re-enter the information making sure there are no spaces. If that still doesn't work, call the CoverageFirst call center at 888-650-2685

What do I do if I change agencies?

Call the CoverageFirst call center and make sure your new agency is registered and approved. If it is not, you will need to register the new agency by completing the broker file. If they are already approved, you will only need to register yourself and get a new login name and password.